Big Plans for 2015

This year, if everything goes to plan, I am going to do something I’ve wanted to do for some time and live and work abroad.

Lake Titicaca from Wikimedia - I want to go there

As of next week I’ll be studying on a CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) course for two days a week at Gloucester College. CELTA is one of the more widely recognised qualifications that prepare people to teach English as a foreign language. The course lasts?five months, finishing towards the end of June.

There are some significant birthdays (the kind that end in a zero) amongst family and friends in July and so my plan at the moment is to be heading off for Central or South America around early August time.

Hopefully by then I’ll have narrowed it down to a more specific locality.

I have loads to do before I go. I’ve got to get the house ready for rental, sort out my finances, finish all the work that I’m doing and put a business?plan in place for what we’ll do with Data Unlocked while I’m gone. I expect that August is going to come around really quickly.

Frightened lego character

Frightened lego character

As of next week I’ll be reducing the time I spend on paid work to a three day week. I’m in the fortunate position that a lot of that time is already earmarked for the projects I’m currently working on. I’ll still be able to fit some other work, but I won’t be taking any large projects on before I go.

So, wish me luck. I’ll use this blog to record my travels and adventures, so it’ll be easy to keep in touch.


  1. Fantastic. You will have an amazing time. I too am getting the house for rental, for the same reason. Not nailed the date yet (also two family birthdays ending in 0 coming up.

  2. Awesome Si, good luck 🙂
    I’ll blog about my own plans when I’ve ironed them out, I think it makes them more real then?

  3. Hi Simon it’s been a pleasure to have known you doing volunteer work in Birmingham. I just can’t believe I’ve known you for 15 years now. I hope you have a great time. Take care and all the very best. Mark 458.

  4. HI Simon, sorry to hear your off but I wish you the best of luck in your future. It all sounds exciting and I must admit to being a bit jealous.. I’m going to Ecuador / Peru for a month’s holiday in late October so if you’re anywhere near the tourist trails let me know. Prob see you before you go. Mike

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